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Fun Fall Activities in Cookstown & Surrounding Areas

August 30, 2019

Thinking about moving to Cookstown? If so, then we’d like to introduce you to the community and some fun fall activities that you and your family will enjoy!

The Community

Enjoy the simple pleasures of a charming neighbourhood and the convenience of urban amenities only minutes away from your home. Whether you want to experience a night out, go shopping or just lounge and have a nice dinner, all it takes is a short drive! Highway 400 is located only 5 minutes away from the community, making it easy to visit other areas of the GTA and Toronto, including Vaughan which is only a 30-minute drive and Brampton which is a 45-minute drive.

Murphy’s Farm Market and Bakery Fall Festival

One of the main places you should visit in the fall is Murphy’s Farm Market and Bakery. This venue hosts an annual fall festival from the end of September until Halloween. When you attend, you can enjoy a wagon ride to the pumpkin patch. Plus, there’s a large outdoor play area with a bouncing pillow, obstacle course, mini-maze, corn maze, corn trail, pumpkin cannon show, mini tractor and much more!
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Innisfil Farmers Market

Drive a short distance from home and relish in fall activities that take place at the Innisfil Farmers Market. At the beginning of September, they host the Apple Fest, where visitors can go on an exciting treasure hunt for the best, freshest apples on the farm. Their next main event – Honey Harvest Day –  takes place on October 10th. During this event, you can take part in a pumpkin carving contest, experience several honey presentations and enjoy other free activities catered to couples and families.
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Indy Karting

Cookstown isn’t short of adventure! Whether you take part in Competitive Grand Prix Kart racing or are looking for a fun family outing, Indy Karting is the place to be. Ride 70 km/hr Grand Prix Karts on their enormous track, or simply enjoy lunch or dinner. Indy Karting is always expanding to offer more in racing and other fun activities.
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Cookstown Community Park

A leisurely stroll is always a good solution when looking to unwind. Watch the trees change colours and enjoy a beautiful day at the Cookstown Community Park. This park is built on the old Cookstown Fairgrounds, located directly across from the public library and community centre. Couples, families and children can set up a nice picnic, have fun on the playground, go for a run, play a game of soccer or tennis and much more.

Cookstown Antique Market

The Cookstown Antique Market is a popular shopping centre that offers an unbeatable selection of antiques. You can explore and find beautiful furniture, vintage clothing, linens, glassware, home décor and a variety of other cool finds. Whether you’re on the hunt for traditional antique fare or eccentric items, there’s something for everyone!
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Be Part of Zancor Cookstown

It’s no surprise that people are relocating and beginning their life in Cookstown. The community is always flourishing, no matter what season it is! With a welcoming family-friendly atmosphere, conveniently situated with close access to essential amenities and fun activities for residents of all ages, you really can’t go wrong. Register Now and stay up to date with everything happening at Zancor Cookstown.