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Winter Activities in Wasaga

December 9, 2019

Living in Wasaga provides residents with the luxury of experiencing exciting year-round attractions. In the winter, Wasaga is the ultimate destination for fun, snow-filled activities and festive events. Enjoy a winter wonderland in this small town and have an unforgettable season by participating in some of these activities!


Take your family on a self-guided snowmobile tour and ride the Mid-Ontario Snowmobile Trails (M.O.S.T) located in District 8! Wasaga is a primary town for snowmobiling thanks to its prime location by Georgian Bay, which receives a great amount of snow. Join one of the 10 snowmobile clubs located around the area including: the Wasaga Snowmobile Club, Blue Mountain Snowdrifters, Georgian Bay Snowriders and more.

Winter Hiking

Put on your snow gear and take a hike through the ancient parabolic sand dunes and snowy pine trees, along the Ganaraska Trail. This winter hike offers you breathtaking views of the Nottawasaga River hidden below the valley. It begins at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park and will lead you through McIntyre Creek and down long country roads to Smithdale, connecting to the Mad River Trail. This is a simple hike that’s suitable for those looking for a more leisurely stroll and to relish in a dramatic ice sculpted landscape of the longest freshwater beach.

Skiing, Snowshoeing & Snowboarding

Visit some of the most exciting Nordic Ski Terrains in Central Ontario at the Wasaga Beach Provincial Park. The hills are perfect for anyone from beginner skiers to expert skiers. Choose from the challenging High Dunes Trail or the more leisurely Blueberry Trail and enjoy some of the finest cross country and downhill skiing adventures! If you’re not much of a skier then go snowshoeing on Wasaga’s new 10km trail system. Skiers and snowshoers will enjoy the trail even more with cool views of wildlife such as the white-tailed deer and stunning winter birds.

At the Wasaga Nordic & Trail Centre, you will find modern equipment rentals, refreshments and outback ski shelters where you can relax and eat lunch.

Wasaga is only a 30-minute drive from some of the best skiing and snowboarding spots in Ontario. Living in Wasaga grants you quick access to these premier slopes:

Snow Valley www.skisnowvalley.com
Horseshoe Resort www.horseshoeresort.com
Mount St. Louise Moonstone www.mountstlouis.com
Blue Mountain Resort www.bluemountain.ca

Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain

In the winter, nothing is better than taking the time to cozy up and relax. If you’re not into winter sports, then take advantage of some of the other amenities nearby! One of the best places to visit in the winter is the renowned Scandinave Spa in Blue Mountain, only a 20-minute drive from your home. This award-winning spa is located in a serene forest with a nourishing restaurant on-site, offering guests some of the finest, healthy food options.

Purchase one of their special getaway packages that include a spectacular massage from a registered professional, and their Baths which contain a Finnish Sauna, Eucalyptus Steam Room, Thermal & Nordic Waterfalls, Hot Baths, Cold Plunges & relaxation areas.

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